Born in 1990 in Pithivier, Silouane lives between Paris and Munich.


The landscapes draw  on the tension between what is finite and what is infinite, the abstract and the figurative, the blurred and the movement that makes things stand out.

The often strange effect of the light plays an important part.  It is linked to a rather disturbing effect where man's place in nature is questioned.

There too, man is interrogated in the face of his architectural and industrial environment and what remains of things past.

The very intense images of desolate landscapes, left to nature, relate to the themes of time, loss, movement and nostalgia.

The sculptures too are abstract shapes, not without a link to modernism and figuration.  Like Chinese lanterns they play with the light coming from both the outside and the inside.  They seem like crumbling remains, time-worn, but still revealing all their humanity.


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